Here is our process for document translation:

  1. Let us know what it is, what language it is in, how quickly you need it, and what languages you are targeting via our estimate request form or email.
  2. Review the pricing and time-line. We price translations based on a projected word count and the specific technical, literary, formatting or other demands.
  3. Give the go-ahead. Once you are ready for us to begin, we will verify the time-line and get started.
  4. Remit payment. We accept cash, check, purchase order or credit card at your convenience.
  5. Receive and review your documents. As always, we are glad to hear your comments.

Görkem C?lamGörkem C?lam, Assistant Director

Whether you need help translating your academic transcripts or choosing marketable product names in half a dozen languages, we can help. In response to the ever-growing demand on businesses, government agencies, and community organizations to provide services in a variety of languages, we take on numerous multilingual projects as well as single language-to-language projects. For more information, please see our translation services FAQ

Many require localization – translation appropriate to geographic and linguistic context. Need French for Quebec? Spanish for immigrant communities from the Caribbean basin? Not sure whether traditional or simplified Chinese would be best? Wherever necessary, we tailor our translations to the regions or communities that make up their audiences.

Provide as much information as you can to our project managers when requesting an estimate and do not hesitate to contact us with questions; our years of experience will work to your benefit.

What our clients have to say:

Your service was exceptional.

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