Multimedia Translation

Translation in any medium

Over the last few years, we have accumulated a good deal of experience translating texts whose presentation requires more than word-processing.

Desktop Publishing
Our office is equipped with Quark ®, InDesign ®, and Adobe’s ® graphic editing programs. Send us a brochure, flyer, postcard, or other formatted document and we will get back to you with a camera-ready translation, formatted and adapted as the language and material requires.

Website Translation
Your website will be visible around the world; it might as well be multilingual! We will translate the text and make sure that it functions just as well as the original. Our staff has in-depth knowledge web design and is attentive to the expectations of online readers.

During the last few years, a need for translation of monologue and dialogue on documentary films has brought new clients to the Translation Center. With access to plenty of foreign-language speakers, we can meet strict deadlines and assure that viewers have the best possible adaptation of spoken language into written.

For projects that require translated materials to be transformed into recordings of the spoken voice, we have translators who can collaborate with narrators to produce texts that read smoothly and naturally. We also have available a recording studio and can use years of sound editing experience to produce easily replicated, professional digital recordings.

Adam LaMontagneAdam LaMontagne, Project Manager

The demand for translation of textual media as well as voice-over and other spoken-language services continues to increase. We provide multilingual desktop publishing, translation and localization of websites, video voice-over and subtitling, foreign language narration, and are always ready to apply our translation expertise to new situations. As with document translations services, we provide thorough and efficient service at competitive rates and adapt our expertise to your needs.

Our network of translators and the international community at the University of Massachusetts gives us the resources that assure fast turn-around times. Meanwhile, working with a small company guarantees that you will have access to your project manager and can take an active role.

Our language and cultural consulting acumen makes us an excellent choice for clients who want to make sure that their communication needs are met; we make ourselves available to help you reach out to new markets and to better understand your audience. Please contact us to learn more about our experience and capabilities.

What our clients have to say:

Let me express my sincere thanks for your kind service... I was impressed that the University of Massachusetts, reflecting the tightening of the 'International Community' has seen fit to establish a translation service. I was getting a bit desperate for help until I was directed to you.
William M. Cary, Ed.D.

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